Podcast: Big City Catholics Podcast

Episode 84 – It’s Our Faith That Unites Us All

In this edition of Big City Catholics, Bishop Brennan speaks to the outpouring of love and support with the passing of his mother. Both he and Fr. Heanue discuss how there can be faith in our mourning, faith in the next generation of priests and leaders, and with the highlight this week on Catholic Schools, faith in the growth of young minds being the future of the Catholic Church.

Episode 83 – Big City Catholics: Ask the Bishop Podcast

In this special edition of Big City Catholics, the youth of our diocese reach out to Bishop Brennan and “Ask The Bishop” anything. This time, we feature the students from World Youth Day Holy Hour and Reunion. Listen in as they “Ask the Bishop” their questions and hear Bishop Brennan’s reply. 

Episode 82 – Being Witnesses for the Dignity of Human Life

In this edition of Big City Catholics, Bishop Brennan and Fr. Heanue discuss the importance of being consistent voices in the fight for life and human dignity. We need to show that we are not living in contradiction, and that we will walk in solidarity as witnesses for life from conception to natural death.

Episode 81 – FOCUS on God

Bishop Brennan hosts this episode of Big City Catholics from St. Louis, Missouri. He is joined by Queens College’s campus ministry team, including FOCUS missionaries and students, as they take part in the SEEK24 conference that connects thousands of people seeking to hear the call and have their lives forever changed. They share their personal experiences of the last semester, including their discernment of God’s call, speak on special moments of community, and explain the roles they play in keeping God present in the Diocese.

Episode 80 – Lives changed for eternity

In this episode of Big City Catholics, Bishop Brennan is joined at the SEEK24 Conference by Rev. Jose Diaz, Pastor of Mary’s Nativity – St. Ann’s Parish. They reflect on the reactions of the joyful, young religious participants, families, and missionaries there. This event provides the opportunity to connect thousands of people desiring to hear Christ’s call, with their minds opened, their hearts lifted — and for their lives to be forever changed.

Episode 79 – Behold

On this special edition of Big City Catholics during the Octave of Christmas, Bishop Brennan explains the meaning of the word “behold” used often in the Bible. It means to look deeply and contemplate. Bishop Brennan calls us to put aside our wants and let the Lord speak to us through our current circumstances.

Episode 78 – A Time of Joy & Hope

In this Christmas edition of Big City Catholics, Bishop Brennan and Fr. Heanue discuss this fourth Sunday of Advent being a time of  joy and hope as we reflect on the mysteries of our salvation. They explain the Christmas message “Don’t be afraid,” for God is always accompanying, helping, and fulfilling His promises because He loves us. During the octave or eight days following Christmas, we continue the ongoing celebration of the birth of Christ. As Mary, Joseph, and Zachariah said yes to God, Bishop Brennan calls us to fully commit to God, even amidst the challenges in our lives.

Episode 77 – Rejoice in the Lord Always

In this edition of Big City Catholics, Bishop Brennan and Fr. Heanue help guide us into Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent. During this time, it is an opportunity to experience John the Baptist’s message of repentance and the joy of God’s mercy. They explain that despite all the discrimination, persecution, and prejudice throughout the world, we must all stand in solidarity and follow St. Paul’s call to “rejoice always.” Bishop Brennan tells us that no matter how tough life gets, we should rejoice for the Lord is near and will never abandon us.

Episode 76 – The Reality of God Coming in Solidarity with Us

As we step into the second week of Advent, Bishop Brennan and Fr. Heanue reflect on the traditions around the diocese in this edition of Big City Catholics. These customs include the Annual Bishop’s Christmas Luncheon to support schools and the youth, as well as the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Grand Army Plaza. They both highlight the importance of the nativity scene as a tool of evangelization which captures Christ entering into the reality of human life and being in solidarity with us. Bishop Brennan reminds us that the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrates Mary’s patience and hope that we too shall possess as we prepare for the great feast of Christmas.

Episode 75 – Preparing the Way for the Lord Today and Always

In this edition of Big City Catholics, Bishop Brennan and Fr. Heanue introduce Advent as a penitential season where we prepare our hearts to receive The Christ Child. The diocese is taking the necessary steps to provide prayerful programming and activities for the faithful to eagerly celebrate and rush forth to meet Jesus Christ for the fullness of salvation. Bishop Brennan encourages people to make this season different as it is the beginning of the new liturgical year and an opportunity for a fresh start to repent and believe the Good News.